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Lower Level & Basement Remodeling

Remodeling from the Ground Up

Maybe your home’s lower level was unfinished when you moved in. Or maybe it is finished, but the style and setup no longer serve you. Your lower level should be the ideal spot in your home to kick back, relax, entertain guests, and have fun with your family. If that’s not the case, it’s time for a remodel. Renovations Group can create a finished lower level that gives you the beautiful space you want for recreation and relaxation. We work with your family to design a remodel that’s just right for your needs, your home, and your budget.

the benefits of a Lower Level remodel

Finish a Previously unfinished space

A polished lower level makes a huge impact on your home’s value. If you bought or built a home with an unfinished basement, now is the time.

Add square footage without expanding

You can nearly double your usable space within your home’s current footprint. Your foundation is already there–make good use of it!

Find Space for Fun & entertainment

Lower levels are the perfect place to put that bar, theater room, home gym, game table, or crafting space that you’ve always wanted.

Create a Private Getaway for Guests

Play host like a champion. Give guests a nice retreat by adding a bedroom and bathroom to your lower level. They’ll never want to leave.

Why Choose RGI for Lower Level Remodels?

Your preferred home remodeler

You can get a great sense of our team’s expertise from pictures of our most stunning lower level remodels and our list of remodeling awards, but there’s a lot more to love about our work.

Our renovation process is all about you. We start with a free consultation where we get to know your family and what an ideal version of your lower level would be. After doing a site visit so we can see the space for ourselves, we create a unique-to-you design that captures everything you need and want. Then we take your approved design and transform your lower level into something you can be truly proud of.

The Renovations Group team understands every nuance of creating a lower level that’s great for hosting, entertaining, spending time on your hobbies, and more. We scale and customize our designs for whatever matters most to you, whether that’s watching the game on the biggest possible screen or breaking a sweat in your decked-out fitness room.

Let our team help you get the maximum possible use and value from your home’s lower level.

Project Gallery

Hartland Lower Level Remodel - Featured Image

Hartland Entertainment Space

If you made a checklist of the most desired features of a family’s lower level, this project covers them all! We turned this unfinished lower level into an exquisite gathering space for family and friends complete with a dry bar, kitchen, exercise room, and a three-fixture bathroom.

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Hartland Lower Level Remodel - Featured Image

Hartland Golf Simulator

When it came to creating the ideal finished basement in this 2013 Hartland home, the owner wanted to match the design of the rest of their home while bringing their love of golf indoors.

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